Social Theorist and Philosopher


A One day Conference

‘The trans movement has advanced through Britain’s institutions with extraordinary speed. The only thing more extraordinary … is how little scrutiny it has faced & the aggressive intolerance directed to those who question it’

Do Not Adjust Your Set:

Sex, Gender and Public Policy

9-00 Welcoming remarks and introduction David Bell

9. 15 The Growth of Transgender as an Ideological Force This will examine the remarkable growth of the trans agenda from a number of perspectives

Chair David Pilgrim

a) contextual approach to evidence and research Dr Heather Brunskell Evans

B) Institutional and professional capture Ms Julie Bindel

10-45 discussion

11-15 Philosophical and sociological perspectives

Chair David Bell

a) The Curate’s Egg of Identity Politics: A Critical Realist Examination Professor David Pilgrim

b) A Socio- cultural perspective- Dr Michael Biggs

12- 15 Discussion

12-45 Break

1-15 Clinical Perspectives

chair Dr David Bell

a) Transgender in Children a Psychoanalytic Perspective

Lisa Marchiano

b) A Different model of clinical engagement with children suffering from gender dysphoria –

Marcus Evans and Susan Evans

2-15 Discussion

2.45 Feminist perspectives

Chair David Pilgrim

a) Ideology and academia

Professor Selina Todd

b) Transgender and the erosion of woman’s rights : a perspective from India

Ms Vaishnavi Sundar

c) The personal and the political

Ziggy Melamed

4-15 Discussion

4-45 Break

5-00 The significance of the Judicial Review

Chair David Morgan

A discussion with Sophie Kemp legal expert in Public Law.

5-30 Final Plenary

6-00 Close

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